Spilling the beans on our beans

Provardo is committed to change. That’s why all our chocolate has been made ethically and sustainably. From bean to bar, our supply chain has been designed to decrease food millage and environmental impacts while empowering the communities and farmers we source from.

We are also big on empowering our local communities here in Australia. Right from the start, we have created new opportunities for ethical production here on our own soil.

Milk Block

Milk Chocolate with Real Madagascan Vanilla

Ah, the classic. This deliciously smooth, high protein, ethically sourced, whole cocoa bean, sugar free silky-smooth chocolate is an innovative take on the classic. Sure, to leave any milk chocolate lover feeling blissfully satisfied. This block of love comes in at only 325 calories, with 20grams of protein. It’s the whole package (recycled too).
Provardo Chocolate - Milk Block
Provardo Chocolate - Crunch Block

Crunch Block

Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Protein Balls

Our delicious smooth milk chocolate contrasted with a perfect crunch! Each crunch is power packed with even more protein! This is a perfect pair in our opinion! With 340 calories and 28 grams of protein, it’s a winner!

Mint Block

Milk Chocolate Infused with Pure Peppermint

Our melt in your mouth, milk chocolate has mint crisps through. Providing your mouth with hits of minty goodness. This delicious block comes in at only 330 calories, with 20grams of protein.
Provardo Chocolate - Mint Block
Provardo Chocolate - PMS Block

PMS Block

Milk Chocolate with Freeze Dried Raspberries

With milk chocolate, raspberry and vitamins – crafted from our milk chocolate and Tasmanian freeze dried raspberries, but with added nutrients to support this phase of the menstrual cycle. The antioxidants from the raspberries may support the immune system which is suppressed around your period and the additional vitamins can fill nutritional gaps. In the second part of your cycle, you need more nutrition than the first half (fun fact). This block of supercharged empowerment comes in at only 300 calories, with 20grams of protein.

Orange Block

Milk Chocolate Infused with Pure Orange

Our classic milk chocolate infused with hints of pure orange extract. This is a combination sure to leave any citrus chocolate lover impressed. Coming in at only 310 calories with 20grams of protein.
Provardo Chocolate - Orange Block
We know where each bean is grown and only do business with those who have to partake in sustainable and ethical practices. We never want our chocolate to support exploitation, child labour, unsustainable farming or outright human rights violations, which unfortunately has a history in this industry.

Chocolate is about making you happy, and there is nothing happy about those things.
With us, you can be sure your bite of happiness doesn’t bite anyone else.

All products are palm oil-free.

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