Chocolate is one of the most consumed sweets globally, yet cocoa farmers worldwide still struggle to make the minimum wage needed to survive. That is why Provardo uses fair trade cocoa in all our products.

We are only a small player in the chocolate industry. Still, we believe in doing what we can to ensure poverty, deforestation, equality issues and forced child labour come to an end by empowering the communities where we source our cocoa.

Premium ingredients

100% recycled packaging

Ethically sourced

Sustainability is at the forefront of Provardo’s business model. We use sustainable packaging and production methods to help decrease food waste in the food industry. While sourcing everything we can locally to reduce food mileage. We pay a premium for our ingredients and packaging. We do this because we believe in empowering cocoa farmers and protecting our precious planet. Why should it have to bear the costs when we can make better choices today.

By supporting us, you allow us to support change, and for that, we are sweetly grateful.

Love, Provardo ❤️

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