Chocolate for Change

Hi, we are Provardo – chocolate for change. Nice to meet you!

Founded in 2020, Provardo was born out of a love for chocolate. A BIG love for chocolate and a BIG love for change, education and empowerment.

We wanted delicious chocolate and change for a sustainable future. Change from food production that harms people, communities and the environment and education around important social and environmental issues. Why shouldn’t we use something luscious and happy to start conversations geared towards a better future?!

Until now, chocolate was just something so delicious that it always left you wanting more than is good for you. So, we created a chocolate block where you don’t have to worry. Our block has been created for you to feel empowered, not guilty. We are transparent about the energy it provides your body for the whole block, not just a serving size you will probably go over… (if you’re anything like us).

Life’s just too short to eat chocolate and not feel good about it!

But, back to the creation of our delicious chocolate.

Have you ever wondered why your favourite chocolate always left you wanting to eat more and more and why it’s hard to stop?

This is because it was designed that way, with a carefully researched “bliss point” to make us want to keep eating it. Instead, we created a chocolate that’s just as delicious but put some fibre and protein back in!

This helps you feel satisfied and happy!

We believe the foods we eat are neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. Simply a mix of carbs, fat, protein and micronutrients the body needs to give you the energy to live your best life! We created a product where you get both the yum and some other important nutrients like protein and fibre while supporting the environment, important social change and Australian workers.

The founders of Provardo had no experience in chocolate making. Still, we embarked on a journey to create a better chocolate for you and the world.

You’re welcome!

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Battery Point
Hobart, 7004