Our Values


Provardo is committed to helping you live your chocolatey dreams and stay healthy. Our intention is supported by high-quality ingredients and ethical, sustainable production practices.


We care about the environment and take great pride in sourcing all of our ingredients and packaging ethically and sustainably. We aim to do our part in the ethical advancement of food production.

Provardo strongly believes the environment shouldn’t be forced to bear the costs of cheap packaging and production that ends up in our oceans. We seek out one of the only 100% recycled, food-grade packaging on the market.


We are uncompromising in our determination to do the right thing. We are a certified fair-trade cocoa provider because we understand that chocolate is great, but the conditions faced by the people who grow it aren’t always.

Supporting Australia

Right from the start, Provardo has been supporting local. We help to build out the capacity of our producers to create more opportunities here in Australia. We have an abundance of resources and talent that are underused as companies look to outsource to other countries to cut costs.

Although this makes the cost of goods cheaper, producers’ conditions are not held to the same strict standards we have in Australia. Terrible working conditions, child labour, environmental harm, and loss of opportunities in the local community are often the unseen costs.


Provardo is about more than delicious chocolate. It’s about using a mouth-watering block of love to talk about important social issues. We think part of achieving long-lasting change is talking about these issues, not just when negative things happen.

We want to stimulate conversations around important issues. We get one life on this planet, so why not use that life to leave the world a better place?


We aim to bring creativity into the chocolate space and innovation to provide you with a new and exciting unwrapping experience.

We are the first people in the world to make a low calorie, high protein, ethically produced chocolate block!

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Battery Point
Hobart, 7004