PMS Block


Milk Chocolate with Freeze Dried Raspberries

Weight 100 g

With milk chocolate, raspberry and vitamins - crafted from our milk chocolate and Tasmanian freeze dried raspberries, but with added nutrients to support this phase of the menstrual cycle. The antioxidants from the raspberries may support the immune system which is suppressed around your period and the additional vitamins can fill nutritional gaps. In the second part of your cycle, you need more nutrition than the first half (fun fact). This block of supercharged empowerment comes in at only 300 calories, with 20grams of protein.

PS - men can eat this too! You can read more about why this block was created and the meaning behind it in the PMS block tab!

• Milk chocolate is sugar free
• High protein
• Palm oil free
• Keto friendly
• Gluten free
• Diabetic friendly
• Ethically sourced
• 100% recycled packaging
• Empowering coco farmers
• Empowering women


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Level 2/38 Montpelier Retreat
Battery Point
Hobart, 7004