Provardo Chocolate - Why Provardo is Pro Protein
Why Provardo Is Pro Protein

You might have been wondering why we love putting protein in our chocolate.

It’s pretty simple. Protein is essential to your body. Protein is made up of amino acids, and these are the building blocks of every cell in your body! Protein helps keep your hair healthy, nails strong, and repairs your muscles on top of a whole heap of other essential functions!

Protein is super important in controlling hunger. It helps you feel fuller for longer and fun fact, it’s the only nutrient your body doesn’t keep a readily available store! So, you have to get it from the foods you eat every day. If you don’t, your body will have to break down your lean mass to get the protein it needs. That decreases your muscle mass, and long term, can slow your metabolism.

Fun fact about protein too! In simple terms, it takes more energy to break down and use protein than any other nutrient! That means, just by eating protein, your body burns more calories! About 20-30% of the calories you get from eating protein will be used in breaking it down! That is just another added plus of eating enough protein and one of the many reasons Provardo packs these essential building blocks into our blocks!

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